AUS230 Blog#5 – Studio 3 Final Wrap Up

T-Rhythm @ Soundpark Studio Tape Project 2016

Creative Juices!!!

There are a few things I enjoy putting in to practice within the Audio industry, the first thing is to treat people with respect and always be clear with communication to others. It is often quite easy to tell who lacks general life skills by the way they communicate. Staying organized and knowing exactly what is required in tasks helps me a lot, sometimes I feel I take a while to adjust to last minute decisions when in hands on situations. Planning has become a key skill for me to utilize as I like to know why we are going to do something, why we are making adjustments and tweaks and not just doing things randomly. Group work when its a larger group can be quite tricky especially when everyone ends up crammed in one spot, there is always someone who tweaks something after you have set it but I guess it helps with building memory skills and awareness.

Get on the Bus!!!


The major project for me this Trimester was the Tape project and I loved this project from start to finish. Once again the usage of Trello proves to be a great tools and assets builder for ANY project. When we secured the band T-Rhythm I knew I could supply our team with enough information for research on Reggae music, mixing Reggae music, microphone techniques for Reggae music along with some good reference music and videos. The studio recording at Soundpark was a successful and great day, there were a few hiccups but it was all a learning experience. The team worked really well overall and we continued that for the mixing sessions. I felt the first mixing session in the Neve was another classic session of learning new tricks and techniques including, getting a better understanding of the Neve’s signal flow, compression and other various outboard gear. During the first part of the day there was a little bit of chaos with so many hands tweaking things but after lunch the team, with some awesome guidance, got the track sounding great.

Patching the Audient!!!

The second mixing session we jumped into the big Audient and had a smaller team which worked really well and again I enjoyed this as it was a refresher of how to use that studio and its outboard gear. Time factor was an issue for this session and I knew I had to push team members to stay focused even when certain members said we would be ok, I knew that wasn’t the case and we did go over time. Unfortunately the panning was off somewhere in this mix and caused some problems but it was still a great opportunity to get in there with a smaller team and get the mix done by ourselves. The third mix day started off slowly due to I/O’s playing funny games but as soon as we got it fixed we got stuck into it. This time 3 of us were assigned to this particular mix. I felt really comfortable with that and knew we would be able to get it done in the required time. Being in the Neve studio we were able to use our photos and dial in the same settings on the outboard gear used, this worked really well and saved a lot of time, it was a good choice as both tracks were recorded at Soundpark studio with the same gear for both tracks. The vinyl mastering was a great session too, again smaller team less hands, quick and effective work.

Patch me up!!!

Freelance to the Max!!!

During this Trimester I took on heaps of Freelance work which went right through the entire Trimester. I created a Dancehall beat which I then mixed and had 9 artists drop vocals on which I mixed and mastered then released on my own label, I also mixed and mastered 35 Al Beeno tracks including two which I supplied the beats for. I mastered a track for an artist called Fhiyahshua and also mastered a track for a student at school for his single release.

I enjoyed the post production S6 classes and gained some information about mixing in 5.1 but I missed out on helping out in the post production class due to us not receiving a project. Eventually the post production project became the VR audio project but I had already pulled out of that due to a massive load of my own freelance work.

I also joined the orchestra recording team and had a blast, we used nearly every microphone available and applied so many new techniques, I felt I gained a lot out of this and feel very confident to mic up all types of instruments. I will definitely jump on the next one that is coming up in the new year.

This Trimester was a lot of fun with a very heavy musical influence, I gained skills in production, studio techniques, mixing, mastering and music business skills. I was able to create template budgets, invoices and contracts that I will be able to use now for my own business. I gained a lot of contacts and work for my own business but I now need to expand my team to be able to keep up with the supply and demand.

Thanks to my facilitator for passing on great knowledge in all areas and a very big thanks to the team I worked with during this Trimester, some of the guys I worked with I would hire straight away if they didn’t have jobs already!!!!!

Special thanks to T-Rhythm for accepting the Tape project.