AUS220 Week 13 Tri 4 Finale

Audio Studio 2 – Production.

Trimester 4 was broken down into a few different major fields of audio work including live sound, post production and advanced studio production. This included the project work of a podcast, music production, sound for film project, live sound setup and live mixing for an event consisting of a support act and main act.

Stevie “Nightmare Neve” Genesys – Complex but gets the job done


Post Production.

The first project I participated in was the post production sound for film project, the team choose to redub the full audio for a Rick and Morty scene. During this project I managed to enhance my skills from the previous post production project by getting hands on with the D-Command console. I found the console to be very good in aiding me to do quick balancing, apply fx and automation for both the film project and also music tracks and I feel very confident to use this setup. The D24 console is a great tool for the combined use of audio and video. We successfully recreated all the audio elements required for the trailer and during this segment I gained some great miking and editing techniques for foley design and voice over recordings.  The additional training of various microphone and mixing equipment for recording on a film set and for recording in an outdoor environment are also great skills to have for audio in general. The group worked well on this project and we covered all the aspects for the roles and responsibilities required for this field of work. The equipment involved was pretty straight forward to grasp after being shown once. My major contributions to the project were production, editing, mixing, recording and music composition. On our final mixing day I think we could have done a bit more mixing and felt it ended up being a tight squeeze to get it done but it still ended up being a great video. I feel extremely confident to take on any task involving audio and video productions.

Rick and Morty were here….


Live Sound.

Again, another project that I absolutely enjoyed but feel I need to get more hands on with a live sound console for practicing getting signals coming through and making adjustments and adding fx quickly and efficiently. Leading up to the show we had a rather intense fast paced learning session of the S3 live sound console which I thought was really beneficial for additional types of audio fields but also very tricky with the different combinations of doing the one task, I know I can fix this by practicing a bit more. The S3 console is very well designed for live sound and is actually very efficient to use, I just need to continue building confidence in this area. Our team successfully organized the live show which included a rapper and singer for the supporting act and a dancehall reggae artist for our main performance. The show ran exactly how it should have and kicked off on time. The live setup, performances and mixing (ERIC B!!!!) were brilliant. Unfortunately Pro Tools on the Mac computer couldn’t keep up with the processing and recording of the live show, all good though because at SAE-Melbourne we get trained by the best, we had already successfully test recorded all 16 channels prior to the show!!! I feel very confident in the area of setting up a P.A, miking up instruments, tuning the room and monitors, the business skills have been a huge bonus too. Even though I need to practice on live consoles I managed to get as far as adding fx in my live 20 minute mix while executing correct gain, panning and filtering on ALL 16 channels.

The list of skills gained in this field include:

  • Front of House Mixing
  • Foldback Mixing
  • Tuning the room
  • Tuning Monitors
  • Miking up a stage
  • Setting up a PA
  • Recording a live show using Pro Tools multi-track (test record of 16 channels worked)
  • Interacting with performing artists, clients and patrons on a professional level
  • Business skills gained in the areas of Touring, Live Sound Events & Stage production
  • Creating floor plans and creation of show files


Pay Attention, Its About To Get Live Up In Here!!!


Advanced Studio Production.

For the last portion of the Trimester we were assigned the task of a major music and studio production which involved using a rough demo of a song (acoustic guitar track, and lyrics) and turning it into a commercial product. The key to this project was having plenty of reference tracks from genres which the group agreed on, for sculpting the track. Our team used the guitar track as a very rough guide and replaced it with a new guitar recording. The assessment required for us to keep the original written lyrics for the song but they could be performed in any style. I loved doing this project because my team consisted of multiple players of instruments and everyone got involved in all aspects of the musical direction, studio production and mixing. I did find the Neve console to be a bit tricky and also time consuming compared to a nice spacious Audient console but at the same time it does produce quality. The outboard gear usage was fantastic and I feel very confident in this area, I could still go some more patching practice and when I get chance build the skills up on the Neve. I lost some time (for other projects) by doing the first initial programmed drum track but I juggled some other commitments around to accommodate and quickly made that time back. I had a blast doing the second drum track at home on the VDrum kit and had even more fun doing acoustic overdubs of kick, snare and percussion in the class session. The mixing session was TOO GOOD!!! Extremely beneficial to my skills that I have already gained and also topped off with so many new skills which yet again can be applied in all aspects of audio. I gained a wealth of knowledge in this project with the added bonus of strong collaboration, production and teamwork skills. My AUS220 Week 12 Blog#12 sums it up!!!

Podcast Project.

The podcast project was an ongoing project that started after a few weeks into the Trimester, I knew straight away I was going to aim at involving the Reggae music scene in Melbourne for this project and with the addition of choosing a team I knew that Rueben would approach me with the same idea which was going to be perfect!!! There was a bit of a mix up and slight hiccups with other group member performances (also with additional interviews) but I also allocated time to cater for that and make it happen regardless as it was something that both Rueben and myself were willing to accomplish. I smashed out two of the interviews (raw) really early on so that I could start composing music for the project, Ru and I decided it would be a big mission to try and organize a reggae band to come and record 20 minutes of music for free so we used careful and strategic planning instead. I put in a lot of work on this project and absolutely loved it. We did have a few sessions that involved multiple members which was good because I received feedback that members learnt some new tricks. My approach was to compose enough music for 20 minutes but also invite any other group members to give it a try if they wanted to. We mixed one track in the studio and the rest I mixed at home. Jesse put in a massive effort with additional editing of all three interviews and advert dialog but for some reason I couldn’t open the interviews at home and had no choice but to redo them all again (by this time it was getting hard to have group sessions) and at this stage I realized that I was going to have to sacrifice any freelance work to get this project done, but I was cool with that!! The three interviews worked out very well with more than enough content on the same topic. I enjoyed recording, structuring, arranging, composing, mixing and editing both the podcast and its 60 second radio advert. The class session on interview techniques were also very beneficial to helping shape good business practice.

Looking back there is a possibility that I may have underquoted my final grade but I am aiming to go forwards.

As always I will end it with a huge thank you to everyone I worked with, a MASSIVE thank you to the audio facilitators for this trimester at SAE-Melbourne. Totally loving the course and cant wait for what comes next….