AUS220 Week 12 Blog#12!!

Distant Friend – Demo Project

Mixing Session & Critical Listening

Critical Glistening

Unfortunately I was running a little late for the session and I missed out on a quick Vocal align tutorial but the rest of the session was like winning the lottery, the gold just kept flowing. I finally had a session in the studio where so many tools, tricks and basics started to become a lot more easier for me to see and hear. I gained massive knowledge in the usage of subtractive EQ, creative tools and the usage of outboard gear and especially how to hear compression being applied. Luckily my team were already hands on which allowed me to take very valuable notes for my future mixing sessions, I managed to apply some of those techniques the next day in a personal mix and the difference is HUGE!! Again there are so many skills that got refreshed in this session and so many new skills gained. I managed to get hands on with various outboard compressors and feel very confident to use them more often. I really enjoyed this group work project and felt that the team worked really well together. I think the final mix came out pretty good but some of the percussion levels were a bit low (like my mad TAMBO skillz!!)  in the end but that’s only because the gold kept pouring leaving us about 5 minutes to do the final bounce. There is nothing I would change in any of the areas involved for this project I feel it was a very solid effort from the TEAM!!!!

Here are just some of the golden moments from the mixing session:

  • Subtractive & Creative EQ
  • Creative tools and tips using outboard gear, console and Pro Tools
  • Critical Listening in a mix environment
  • Team work skills
  • Production and collaboration skills
  • Applying EQ on reverb
  • Usage of compression
  • Pro Tools mixing techniques


A very special big ups to King Ru for doing the vocals.. stay tuned to his blog for a dope production of Distant Friend also!!!!!