AUS220 Week 11 Blog 11.

Distant Friend – Demo Track

Music Production Part 2.


Roland TD20 Expanded & Roland VS2480



Just have to mention a big sorry for being late on my last lot of blogs, I have found the second page of the blog topics yesterday so I am sorry about that.

For the second session of our demo project my task was to re-drum the song with the new locked in tempo. It was easier for me to do this at home rather than the studio because my kit is quite big and takes a while to set up and pack up which would have taken away from the school session. I imported the session files into the Roland VS2480 console (as seen above) and decided to go with the original Roland 808 kit because a heavy booming kick had been used in the scratch/building session. This turned out to be very successful. I then layered some timpani drums and percussion (via the VDrums) into the track. I felt that the track could still go anywhere so I kept it to a minimum. For the school session we loaded up the new drums and gave them a quick balance. The next plan was to grab the acoustic kit (kick & snare) at school and have me drum additional parts to beef up the 808 kit. During this session I had a lot of fun and some good laughs (keeping time with a seat hihat which you can hear in the recording)  I also got jiggy with it on the TAMBO, vibraslap and shakers. Also during this session I learnt so many new things, for example:

  • More miking techniques
  • How to mic up a piano for capturing and creating a natural reverb
  • Re-amping instruments
  • Creating analog distortion
  • Better understanding of patch bay flow
  • More Pro Tools magic



Podcast update!!!

Some of the interviews planned had been unsuccessful so I had to make a decision to try and utilize as much as I could from the 3 interviews we had. I had major set backs with some communication within the group (lack of input) and also was very concerned about a group members performance. I have started to realize if I had not taken on this particular concept of a Reggae podcast I could have offered my services to a group that would have shared the work load. I also started to get frustrated with bringing home sessions from other group members and the session not being created in the right format causing my interface to shit itself (excuse the French!!) so basically I had to go back and do editing multiple times. I had a lot of fun editing the interviews that I recorded and had MAJOR fun composing 20 minutes worth of Reggae music for the podcast which I mixed also. Due to lack of performance within the group I decided to smash out the 60 second advert also. The upside is I managed to utilize skills in multiple areas:

  • Head of operations
  • Composition
  • Mixing
  • Conduct and record interviews
  • Editing
Space flight Poly!!!