AUS220 Week 10 Blog 10!!

Distant Friend – Demo Project.


For the first asset building session of this project our group recorded guitar and piano using the original guitar line supplied as a temporary guide. I enjoyed the miking techniques used for recording the piano and also on the guitar amp. What was really interesting about this assigned project was that there were multiple players of instruments in my designated group ready and willing to make the song happen. The production and collaboration of this project was something I knew would be very beneficial to me and I feel I gained the most skills in the production, collaboration and communication areas.  The first project was set to a tempo that had the possibility to change so I had to be aware of that for my original scratch take of drums. For my contribution to this initial building session I played a drum pattern that was played freely to the tempo of the session, I created that the next day after our 1st group studio session using Native Instruments Maschine with the drums bussed out into individual tracks in Pro Tools. I have personally had no experience playing any of the types of reference tracks genres used for the project creation but electronic music came up quite a bit which made it easier for me to play a hip-hop style beat originally.

Stevie Genesis