AUS220 Week 9 Blog#9

What is the most interesting new technique, concept or piece of equipment that you have encountered this week in the Neve studio?


So far the Neve console has been a very complex way of testing the skills I have obtained. There seems to be a lot more things to remember in the signal stages and to me the board is not laid out as simple as a console like the big audient. It also seems to be a little more time consuming with the desk being custom made for both analog and digital. The outboard gear choices are great, there is definitely plenty of things to choose from. The cabling through the walls could be designed a lot better and the recording space could benefit a lot from having a wall mount instead of the multicore.


I feel I need to get in this studio room and build up confidence on the console and also get hands on with some patching. It is a little bit trickier than previous consoles and I know I just need to get in there and do it and do it and repeat the process!!

The task that our group has taken on for the assessment in this particular studio is a great one for learning production and collaboration roles. The skills I am gaining in this area are also a massive contribution to workplace and group skills. Both rooms compliment each other and make the environment a great one for fast creative collaboration. We made use of the piano in the recording space while recording guitar and the results were really good.