AUS220 Week 8 Blog#8

20 Minutes to do a Live mix!!


In the last week of the Live sound intensive I was required to do a live mix of a band using the Avid S3 control surface. Prior to doing the mix our group set up the live stage as per the live show specifications and performance needs. We were successful in loading our pre built show file into the S3 and made final adjustments to the P.A.

Luckily after the set up process we were able to record a 16 channel test run into the Pro Tools system which also confirmed that all the gear was connected as it should be and that all the signals worked.

I really enjoyed doing the mix even though all the usual signs kicked in like shaky hands and sweats!!! I managed to bring up all 16 channels and get them balanced, EQ’d, filtered where necessary and also managed to get reverb FX in. I think I only got to compress a few tracks and didn’t get enough time to gate any tracks but my mission was to get the gains, panning, EQ’ing and filters as best as possible on all 16 channels.

The 20 minutes went really fast which I knew would happen so I stayed focused on getting as much done as possible for a decent sounding gig. In the last few minutes I did some really quick critical listening to make sure everything sounded good.

My mix sounded pretty decent just a little heavy on the vocal reverb for the required environment of the gig but definitely could work in a stadium or pub band room.

Live sound is definitely something I will continue to practice and take part in as I truly enjoyed the experience!! Once again SAE Melbourne comes through with great facilities and great staff!!