AUS220 Week 7,Blog#7!!

Madd Skillz, Live Audio & Dubbin!!


The skills I am learning in live audio can also be used in many aspects of audio production. I find that the use of EQ and compression in live audio also benefits my learning for EQ and compression in general. Even though the setup is different we still have to get good signals which also helps build speed and knowledge in this area. I find the console a little tricky with its multiple ways of doing things but I know that it is designed for fast and effective work. Using microphones has been great too because its always good to get hands on and the setting up of monitor mixes helps with knowledge of sound flow in general.

How do I feel about my mix of an unfamiliar genre?

I really enjoyed doing my live mix especially because we did a solid job of setting up the P.A, miking, EQ’ing and compression first. Being able to setup a show file is simply brilliant and saves so much time. I was a bit hesitant to use reverb and delay on the fly because I am still not too familiar with hitting the right encoders and dials. My mix was focused on the two guitars and vocals and mixing them accordingly to the parts of the songs. I reckon with some more practice I can quite easily get the hang of live mixing.

What I would like to incorporate in my live mixing is the heavy use of reverbs and delays more so for use with a live reggae band. That’s something I definitely will work on so I can become efficient for reggae bands.



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