AUS220 Week 5 Blog#5

What is the most interesting new technique, concept or tool that I
learnt this week in my specific intensive?


The first week of live sound has kicked off nicely and has involved various tasks such as tuning the P.A. with the use of pink noise and a talk to stage microphone (TTS). The team were able to make EQ adjustments to the overall sound of the P.A and also the TTS microphone. I really enjoy learning about the live sound environment as most of the time I am usually setting up my drum kit on stage or doing a live singing performance. Once you start learning about live sound, the set up and the crew involved you realise there is more to just walking out on stage and playing. Its easy for a performer to start abusing the sound guys at a live gig but sometimes we should look around inside the venue and take into account how hard the crew worked to make it all happen especially if the act are very bad in the first place. We are using the Avid S3 control surface for our inputs and mixing which is very enjoyable but I feel I need to spend more time on it to build confidence in at least one of the many ways of doing things. If I can get one procedure down for getting an input in and EQ’d also with the addition of compression and FX half the battle is done. I think the desk is very good and the layout is not complicated its just to get on it and do it.

The pace of live sound is very very fast and I feel that 4 weeks is not enough for where I would like to take it. I feel confident in getting a smaller act/band miked up and doing a basic mix but I think with only 4 weeks experience I would not feel confident to work in a live venue with a band of 5,6 and 7 or more. I would also love to be able to do live dub mixing for reggae bands and I am willing to try my best.

Here is a clip of reggae producer/engineer legend Errol Brown doing a live mix for Rebelution….

Also here is a link to some more information about Errol Brown!!!



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