Blog#4 Week 4 Post Production finale

Post Production fun!!

R.I.P Rick & Morty video…


Had to remove the linkage as I gained my first Youtube strike… all good though as I think its hilarious!!!!

The last week of post production ended with a complete mixing session of the teams trailer. D-Command control surface proved to be an essential tool for post production work enabling quick productivity and fast editing which is much needed when working with set deadlines. Again I gained some very valuable skills in various areas such as, reverb usage to create space, close monitoring of a pro tools session to minimize problems and to also be able to assist if something went wrong in a session which is very important when working in a group situation especially when a team are rotating the work flow. I have found that it is very important to pay close attention to correct naming of files and also watch very carefully where you are copying your files (Drag and drop can be very dangerous!!!) The use of D-Command for automation is also a massive bonus as it allows the engineer to move freely and smoothly.

Personally I would like to gain some more experience in post production as I find it is really enjoyable. The combination of working in a group and recreating foley, music, sound effects, atmos and dialog helps boost your creative juices. I have found that participating in this task helps with confidence for many aspects of Audio and Music production.

Below is a link to a short snippet of music I created for the trailer, this was created using the original track in the trailer “Tony! Toni! Tone! – Feels Good” I loaded it into the Maschine software, manually tapped the correct BPM and started to make a beat, the next day I realized that there were too many words in the sample I used so I decided to use Bob Marley‘s song War instead which I think worked well as it was a battle scene.

Press play and enjoy!!!!!