Blog#3 Week 3 One shots and more!!


How are the skills that you are learning in your specific intensive transferable into
other areas of audio/music production?

Post production has opened up an opportunity to learn multiple skills that can be applied to nearly any aspect of audio or music production. Creating and recording Foley and Sound effects is a great way to learn how to get a good clear signal from varieties of sound sources which also helps build confidence for using various microphones in all kinds of sound recording situations. The operation of post production gear such as field recorders, boom and radio mics can also be used for other roles in audio and music production which assists in the creativity department.

I can now apply these new skills in various projects for recording audio to video, interviews, location recording, music composition, sound effects and sampling. Personally, I feel confident to build a high quality sample library created from various sound sources with the addition of recording in all types of environments and then be able to use those sounds in various types of audio productions for example a hip-hop sample library, movie/trailer effects, samplers and synths. I have also found that accurate editing and the usage of shortcuts helps to build confidence in general DAW application. Using the D-Command control surface is a big bonus for the mixing skills and workflow.

There are many different sounds that I would like to try and capture or try and re-create and these skills have been essential for future projects. I have also noticed that foley and dialog recording helps with critical listening skills and placement of sounds.

Trailer report:

Sound effects check! Foley check! Music check! Dialog check! Atmos check! Everything’s coming together pretty good and the team is now in a position to do final editing and mixing for the trailer. Both the dialog, foley and some sound effect recordings were very successful and the addition of extra tasks has been successful. The only thing that I would change for myself in a project like this is to get more confident in using a control surface for mixing and editing as I find it is a real bonus to get hands on. Overall the project is moving along at a good pace.