AUS220 Blog#1 Week 1


Question: What genres or styles of music are most unfamiliar to me, and what production
techniques could be learned from investigating these styles?

Well… I have decided to write a two part answer which includes, a genre (Dub Reggae) which I know about but would love to explore a side of that I am unfamiliar with and a genre (Symphony/Orchestral music) that I have little experience in.

Since starting Audio to Video I have picked up an interest in Orchestral composition and more so the recording process. I would love to get some experience with recording all the instruments at once, I feel this would be very beneficial to my skills and also my own production and recording. There are many things to gain from this including, mic placements, instrument placements, balancing levels, the recording process and mixing. This would be a great challenge and also would give me the chance to listen to all the instruments at once rather than getting individual players of instruments and experimenting in a personal recording session. If I start doing some Symphony recording I can gain knowledge of multiple instruments at once and I think this is very important for my skills.

Now with Dub (and I mean traditional Reggae dub music NOT Dubstep!!!!) I know this genre REALLY well as I play Reggae but I would love to explore the recording and mixing process and more so the Dub mixing process. I have read a lot of articles from various great musicians and producers of Reggae music but I am yet to sit down (in a session) with a professional engineer who could explain to me how certain things are created, for example, how to properly mic up the back of a bass amp, how to get the bass sound which sounds like heavy bass but also sounds like it is vibrating from a distance (I will try find an example snippet) and how to utilize the FX for dub mixing.


Week 1, Post Production:

This week I gained major experience with clip on mics and a boom mic, we also ran through what its like to be on a film set as an Audio recording engineer. We set up the studio for an interview style situation including a video camera which I truly enjoyed and look forward to doing more of. My group also made a start on our Audio to Video project which included choosing a video and writing up all the audio elements into a cue sheet.

and D-COMMAND!!!!!! All I can say is I want one!!!!!!



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