Final Blog Tri 3 *REPORT*

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Firstly I would like to present the link to our Team group website, Please click and take a look you will not be disappointed!!!

Audio Trailer Solutions

Here is a summary and highlights of the final project work for Trimester 3 AUD210 Jingles Project.

I happily volunteered for Team Leader position of my particular group with a plan involving the team to do individual trailers but at the same time collaborate and assist with any resources we were able to offer each other, I think this was a great success especially with the usage of things like Trello and Messenger, good communication helped boost our work flow.

For my particular trailers I choose two with a view to also submit a freelance project. The process I used for the two trailers were broken down into segments.

Warcraft Meats LOTR Trailer:

  1. Movie trailer viewing
  2. Sound effects sourcing – High quality wav’s
  3. Planning of equipment to use – NI Maschine, Pro Tools, Ableton
  4. Creation of custom Pro Tools Audio/Video session for DX,FX,MX
  5. Played the bass and keys for the Intro first to start the ball rolling
  6. Creation and some processing of sound effects in NI Maschine then imported into Pro Tools
  7. Placement of hits, booms, thuds, risers and war drums
  8. More placement of sound effects including, metal bolts rolling around which became the chain swinging sounds, an owl which became the eagle sound, the baby crying, various horses and a tiger, gorilla and lion for the various orcs
  9. During the segment mentioned above I started tweaking certain clips with various Audio-suite processing because I had spent a lot of quality time getting the main sound effects in and aligned, also during this stage I added some extra sound effects (where there was none in the original) to give it even more movie appeal

Here I reached a point where I was ready to take a well deserved break as I had put in a lot of hours and days to this one trailer, I used this time to finish up on any last minute adjustments to my final mix of my freelance project and also review where my trailer was at. Then came the next segments for trailer one.

  1. By this stage I was in a good position to lay down some sort of accompanying musical composition which involved finding quality instruments via Pro Tools, Kontakt and Maschine, you could say an on the spot jam session took place for the recording of the instrument tracks involved, even though it was done one by one until the vibes were right
  2. This stage involved a good in the box (and in the same session) mix and balance of the instruments, also some replacement of a couple of sound effects took place and adjustments to levels of FX with MX
Orc Meats
Jus A Little Bit O’Leg!!!!!!

This led up to the first review screening of “work in progress” in class at SAE, now is a good time to mention that as Team Leader I was very active on Trello (during the entire process) to communicate and check in with my team-mates progression and assist if needed (notifications would have been going off at ridiculous hours of the morning due to me sending updates. While this project was going on I was also doing work outside of college which enabled me to have different home work hours, night to morning flex!! Sorry about that!! hahaha)

Warcraft Music Composition. Midi and Audio Tracks!!

In the first screening I gained some valuable feedback which was to do with my placement/timing of some sound effects that were layered together, some of the sound effects needed to be re-aligned and also not rushed, that feedback was great as I was then able to go back into my session with some REALLY accurate zooming and also use a skill which involved just showing the tracks that contained a layered hit (which were supposed to trigger at the same-time) and then re-align them up exact.

Luckily my team were all together at school for a spur of the moment voice-over studio booking which took place in the smaller Tascam studio, this was a good refresher of the Tascam console, I also invited another student into our session so that he could get his voice-overs recorded too. I had my script written (which also took several hours) prior to this session which enabled me to get the signal flow going and set up the Pro Tools session. The session turned out to be really productive and everyone getting hands on in the recording process. We only had three hours and I think every one got one trailers worth of voice-overs, something that I hadn’t even noticed though, which was pointed out in the second review at SAE in class, was the fact that I had used close miking only for my trailer, again great feedback as this is something I definitely want to incorporate for future Audio/Video work (different mic and actor placement is also essential for capturing more natural feel of location of voices within a film)

Warcraft Effects Editing and Placement
  1. Group recording of individual voice-overs for Trailers
  2. Importing and placement of voice-overs in the Pro Tools session, this involved very careful match up of completely different speech, which I did my best to sync with the lips of the movies characters and also to match the timing of speech (in the original) when characters were talking off screen, I also used some cool pitching to make my Orc voices and also my female Orc voices!!!
  3. This was my last Pro Tools stage which I used to tweak sound effect volumes, dialogue volumes and the instruments, during this process I used automation in various places too
  4. Finally I added the required slide *Educational purposes* with my video in a video program and exported the finished product and uploaded it to YouTube

Obama And The Chicks Trailer:

After this trailer I went straight into my second trailer which involved me wanting to take a different approach. I felt I had put in some long hours on Warcraft which incorporated Sound Effects, Dialogue and Music composition for that trailer so I decided to pick a different trailer to what I originally was going to do for my second trailer. This process involved me looking for an advert on YouTube and after a few hours had past I found one Russian CPR!!!!!!

Basically I clicked this Ad it started playing and the guy was talking Russian and I thought of Barack Obama straight away so I went and checked out some Obama speeches, I just quickly grabbed the clearest, best quality ones I could find with a view to make them work somehow.

This time round for this trailer I wanted to showcase my beat composition skills so I fired up Native Instruments Maschine and basically smashed out the entire rhythm within minutes. Once I had that beat down I went and listened to the Obama speeches and found some really funny parts that were going to match and also add humour to this video (well that was the plan anyway!! ha-ha!!)

Maschine and Push in Unity!!
I chopped these speeches on the Maschine controller and played them in on time with my music, I also added the female speech which I played in off the Maschine controller. I might add that I made all the audio for this video without watching it at the same-time, as Maschine software does not have video capabilities, I liked this because it was a challenge to see if I could get it to ALL work.

Obama And Tha Chicks Maschine Session
Finally I imported all my files into Pro Tools and did a tweak of clips and then mixed it.

Obama And Tha Chicks Pro Tools Session
Another reason I choose this trailer was because I felt confident to get it done rather quickly to free up time to assist my group members and that it did, I ended up in a good position early on which enabled me to drive into extra sessions at school with my team and also stay back with my team after classes. I was pretty happy with my work overall so I used my time at school to build some Ableton projects and just be there for my team-mates. This worked out well as I was able to offer some cool tips and also have some involvement with musical composition for a team-mates trailer.

Overall I think I worked hard and worked well also setting a good standard of work, I enjoyed this project immensely. I really enjoyed being apart of this Team and I think my team-mates also came through with some fantastic work. I will definitely be looking at doing more Audio/Video work.

Something that could have been really beneficial would have been an in-class tutorial about Sound Effects, Dialogue and Music within a Pro Tools session but at the same-time I thought that the Lynda Audio/Video Pro Tools video was gold!!!! I did mention it to a few students but not sure if they picked up on it.

AVI Matey!!!!!!!

Now this part is going to bring a slightly sad vibe to my work I submitted, unfortunately Warcraft and Karma Police (even though it was written on the program guide) did not make it to the big screen due to the Film department thinking that my files were corrupt. *INSERT PERSONAL MESSAGE* ——> I DO NOT BLAME ANY OF THE AUDIO STAFF AT SAE FOR THAT AND I WOULD LIKE ALL THE AUDIO STAFF TO KNOW THAT I THINK YOUR TEACHING IS OF REALLY HIGH QUALITY. I AM TRULLY ENJOYING ALL MY TIME IN AUDIO AND ABSOLUTLEY LOVE WHAT SAE MELBOURNE AUDIO STAFF DO, SO THANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Something that has got me puzzled though is why did my .avi’s not work in the SAE film system?? That file is a very very well known video file which actually does open in QuickTime and a range of different video programs, Why was I not told while in class all day and night until close on Tuesday prior to the screening?? Why didn’t the Film facilitator (who had already come into the audio lab to finalise projects) come back in and ask all of us audio guys whose trailers they were?? Why did they not convert them to their specific format?? That would have taken probably two minutes tops!!

And why the heckaz does a Film specialist not know what an AVI is???????

This led to my family spending approximately $100, on petrol for multiple cars there and back, drinks in the venue and some food prior, when really and truly if my guests/invites had of known that my work didn’t make the big screen they would have not made that journey and saved their much needed money. I do understand that my videos made it to the Mac computers but my guests were looking to give me feedback of my material in a big venue, on a big screen, with a big sound.


Well with that said, wrapping up on a positive note, my freelance project (which is embedded in this blog too) had some great reviews and some really good positive feedback and has also ultimately led to more work for me within the mixing of music department. The song was created by my good friend and fellow SAE student Mateusz and was voiced by artist Jah Tung. The song is a heavy Rasta influenced Reggae track with a strong positive message. I enjoyed mixing this track as it gave me a nice balance of critical listening while being involved in the Karma Police sound-alike project and leading into the Jingles projects. Please see my blog post Freelance project for details of the session and Pro Tools photos of that session.

I enjoyed this whole Trimester as I have with all the other Trimesters so far, the build up and blended learning has been spot on for gaining and using skills essential to Audio Production, so once again a big big thank you to all the Audio staff that I have been lucky to have had so far. I will definitely keep recommending my musical buddies to come to SAE Melbourne!!!

Now its time for a quick break, which will involve me smashing out as many beat ideas as I can in two weeks and also some cool sessions in the EMP Lab at college.