Blog #9 Trailer No.1 – Warcraft Meats LOTR

“We Want Some Meats!!!”

Orc Meats
Yeah, We Want Some Meats!!!!!!

For the final touches to this remake trailer I used the SM7B for my voiceovers and a Rhode NT1000 for my guest voiceovers. I completely re-wrote the script with the famous Orc “We want some meats” scene in mind. I had to do some careful matching/syncing to the lip movements and I also tried my best to have the voices in sync with where the original ones were. This final version I mixed the music to sit back a little bit and have the sound effects up and the goal was to have the speech right up front. After my first review of the video, in its earlier stage, I gained some critical feedback about the placement of some of the sound effects which seemed to be rushed. This turned out to be correct, I had rushed it a little bit with trying to get everything roughly placed. I went back into the Pro Tools session and spent more time getting everything to line up as best as I could.

I also adjusted the levels of various sound effects to try and match each other in the way of nothing being over powering. I found I started to struggle with where the final master level should be for a film trailer and also need to do some research and training on how to achieve a final mix like the original trailer, I look forward to this because I am really loving doing Audio to Video.

Flying horse – I did not get chance to change the horse sound to one that sounded more like it was being hurled across the battlefield so I pitched it up just a little bit, this is a parody trailer so that will do!! 🙂 🙂

Male Orcs – Pitched down a few semitones.

Female Orcs – Voiced higher and then pitched down a little. (That was a weird moment in the studio!!) 🙂 🙂

Link to the final trailer:

*Please note this video is for educational purposes only*

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Please see my previous blog post for the Pro Tools session and making of the trailer….