Blog#9 Trailer No.2

First Aid CPR Remake: Obama And Tha Chicks.

Original Trailer:

After falling into the trap of watching YouTube ads for a couple of hours I came across this advert after I changed the YouTube settings to search for ads under 4 minutes, I have already clocked over 2 minutes for my first trailer and with the addition of this trailer it takes my total assessment time close to the 5 minute mark as required.

Obama And Tha Chicks Pro Tools Session
I clicked this ad not knowing what to expect but quite quickly Obama came to mind which was triggered by the guy that sounds Russian?? So I thought I should go and source some of Obama’s speeches. I grabbed 3 videos of Obama and chopped the audio in Native Instruments Maschine. I originally intended to make the backing music in Pro Tools but I switched to the Maschine software instead. I manually tapped the original tempo in Pro Tools and started the Maschine project with that tempo. The music was entirely made on Maschine including the playing of the female voiceover samples and the Obama samples. During this process I could not actually see the video but I had an idea to just make something cool.

Obama And Tha Chicks Maschine Session
A few hours later I imported all the stems into Pro Tools pressed play and everything started to look and sound pretty good. I did some editing of the stems including chopping out some of the drum parts, bass drop outs, shortened the choir part, took out some of the female voiceovers. I balanced all of the Obama speeches in Pro Tools and wanted to go with the effect of the speech being upfront and the music just sitting behind a bit. I ran 5 aux effects sends, applied EQ and compression where needed and mixed the music.

Maschine and Push in Unity!!
I also came across a gem of a program, which I purchased, called PXT which enables full function of Push through various DAW’s. I ran it through Maschine for the composition of this trailer.

I enjoyed doing this task and I am happy that I got it done quite quickly because it frees up time for three other projects I have going on, stay tuned for the Warcraft Trailer!!!!!

Link to the remake:

*This video is for Educational Purposes Only*

Please note this is NOT an educational video about CPR or First Aid also!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Here is a link to nativeKONTROL website, here you can purchase PXT Ableton Software and many others.