Reflections #1

music-notes-1Looking back at some highlights since starting Bachelor of Audio Production.

I have enjoyed learning many new things and it just goes to show your never too old to return to school and you really don’t ever stop learning. I am now really confident to sit in front of Pro Tools and work my way through projects with greater skills and have been able to learn Ableton confidently too, which is a good thing because I purchased Ableton Intro with Push eventually upgrading it to the full Ableton Live 9. I also received Cubase with my Audio Interface which I upgraded too but haven’t checked it out yet.

During the course I have been smashing out Audio online courses via my Lynda account which has been a real bonus. My personal library has expanded with books that cover all different topics including: Sound, Microphones, Production, Recording, Mixing, Dynamics and Effects.



I have gained much knowledge in room acoustics, microphones, dynamics and effects processing. I have used a console before but nothing like what I can do now. Its great being able to walk in and look at a big studio and know exactly what everything does. When we were advised after our first signal flow class in Tri 1 to get in and book the studios I jumped on that and thrashed those bookings!!! So far I have been able to learn, the small Audient console, TASCAM digital console and now the BIG Audient console and also using a range of outboard gear and getting down & dirty with the patch bay.


I feel I have done very well so far in most things I have participated in but I will admit that I have struggled with some of the very academic Critical Thinking which has been the biggest challenge but it has been a very beneficial subject alongside the Audio subjects.

My course is designed to not only teach how to use audio equipment and audio software but to also learn how to participate in real world studio and recording situations, interact with clients on a professional level and how to appropriately plan for projects. I have found this to be a very beneficial element to learning and working in the Audio field.


I originally entered the course with a view to enhance my own recordings and beat production but as I get further into the course the options to gain work in any Audio field have opened up massively. I have managed to keep up with making beats and have put down approximately 200  beat ideas in both Ableton and with Native Instruments Maschine. I have mixed a few tracks in Pro Tools outside of school and will be posting the tracks and photos of those sessions on my blog in the near future.

While writing this blog I have quickly knocked out the synced video with our group Sound-A-Like audio for Radiohead – Karma Police…. Here’s the video so enjoy!!!

*Please Note: This video is for Educational Purpose ONLY*


One of the things I am also looking forward to is setting up my Roland TD-20 VDrum kit and continuing to tweak the settings as I now have a better understanding of what the dynamics and processing settings do.

Roland TD-20 Pro Series


I will also try to post links of more future works too, in the meantime here was a quick beat made in 20 SPARE minutes a couple of weeks back…… Enjoy!!!!