Blog #8 Sound-A-Like Reflection

Radiohead – Karma Police

Our group managed to get down nearly all the parts of the song which was a fantastic effort especially when we needed to find musicians that were confident to play the parts necessary for the song. It was definitely a mission to do this as all our resources were running low, most of the group members made contact with a musician but sometimes these things cant get locked in. One of the tasks I was looking forward to would have been the use of a piano and miking it up. Time was running out quickly during this project and I thought we were not going to get some of the major parts needed but the group members really came through!!! “Big Ups”

Audient in full mix!!
Audient in full mix!!

I think both the instrumentation and performances were very good for what was required especially when considering the time factor. I will definitely need to start building contacts for musicians that play different genres otherwise this will be a struggle in future projects.

As a group we collected as much information as possible about the song and its creation process. I noticed that some of the group members knew this style of music pretty well which was a massive bonus for the task of getting a close replication of the original track.

The team worked really well together and I think the supporting of each other in the studio was really top class!!

Bringing processing IN & OUT!!!!!!
Bringing processing IN & OUT!!!!!!

Some of the final processing settings I missed jotting down but it was purely due to the fact that I was getting hands on and kept it moving throughout the day. I knew the time factor for the allocated mixing day was going to move quicker than normal.

I thoroughly enjoyed mixing, I learnt so many new things including some really cool tips and tricks, here is a few:

  • Sending the drums to a sub mix on the Audient console
  • Usage of more than one parallel compression on the drums
  • Master compression on the Audient console
  • A/B-ing during mixing
  • Melodyne editing
  • Critical listening in the studio environment
  • Keep on with the patching practice!!!!

Here is the link to our groups mix,

Kick Up!!!!!!!
Di Stress!!!!!

Obviously we did not necessarily have the same mics, instruments and effects but there were some things that we could closely match. We spent some time trying to get our drums to sound like the original as much as possible and I think this was a very valuable task just for the learning process alone. We used the same reverb types as the original track and tweaked our settings as we progressed.

Compress, FX, Headphone Mix!!!
Compress, FX, Headphone Mix!!!

I spent a big amount of the day on the patch bay and got a lot out of doing that. I am starting to feel more confident to patch my cables straight in and out without having to double check. I put in work with helping my team adjusting or helping find correct EQ settings which I really enjoyed as well.

Patching and Matching
Patching and Matching

The day was very successful but we really cut it close to our time limit, as far as we knew there was another booking at 5pm and that meant we needed to be out by at least 4:55pm with the desk normalized. We were bouncing our track at about 4:50pm and we still needed 15 minutes to save and upload it to the required google drive. Unfortunately we had normalised the desk and realized the next booking were “a no show” which meant we could have had a few more hours in the studio.