Blog#6 Sound-A-Like Project: Radiohead – Karma Police

Karma Police!!!
Karma Police!!!

This mission is a completely new genre for me to take part in, at first I was feeling a little bit strange in the way of “I don’t know anything about this genre” but I realized after listening to the song and doing some research that there are many things to put into practice and gain experience on, for example:

  • Miking up a piano (if we can get access to one)
  • Drum miking techniques
  • Gain skills in trying to capture similar recording techniques and effects processing
  • Learning how to capture similar sounds from different instruments and gear
  • Pro Tools, Console, Patch bay and outboard gear usage

I noticed in the song structure that there is not a typical chorus going on and maybe the main vocal is recorded in one or maybe a few takes. In the second section of the song the vocal is run through an echo effect which we will have to try re-create also in the second part of the song the choir sound is coming from an analog synthesizer which sounds hard to pick with backup vocals and the acoustic guitar with slight effects processing happening. The bass line seemed to have a nice couple of variation parts that glue sections together nicely and enhance the build up of this song. I think the vibe captured in this song is like watching a thriller movie, maybe the combination of the room space, lyrics and effects helps deliver that.

Some equipment used in the song creation:

  • Acoustic Guitar Yairi DY
  • Radical Engineering JDI Passive Direct Boxes
  • Marshall JMP-1 Pre-Amp Rack Unit
  • Fender Twin Reverb Amp
  • Mellotron & Moog
  • Analog Synthesizer
  • Boss DD3 Digital Delay
  • AMS Rack mount Digital Delay


Here is some information on the engineers rig:

  • Otari MTR 90II 2-inch Analog Multi-track Recorder
  • Tascam DA88 Digital Multi-track Recorder
  • Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor
  • UREI Classic Limiting Amplifier
  • Palmer Stereo Speaker Simulator
  • AMS DMX 1580 Stereo Digital Delay
  • Mutronics Mutator Stereo Analog Filter
  • Pultec PEQ1A valve EQ

From what I have researched this track was done with ALL band members present which is something we wont have in our project so we have to create a vibe each time for the individual performers and during the mix process make everything sit together nicely as if it was recorded all together.


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