Blog#5 This is Tha Remix!!!!!!

Nobody Knows (Now They Know Remix) - Madeline (D'z Remix)
Nobody Knows (Now They Know Remix) – Madeline (D’z Remix)

Nobody Knows (Now They Know Remix) – Madeline (D’z Remix)

The track presented here is a remix I made for my SAE project, the main task was to get stems from another students work which is NOT an electronic piece of music and also NOT created in Ableton, we were required to use two stems from their project so I ended up using two different vocal stems and one acoustic guitar stem.

After a quick listen to the vocal I had an idea straight away that I was going to use the vocal but was unsure which part to use so I fired up Ableton and dropped in the vocal stem and found the part quite quickly, I warped the vocal and pitched it up slightly and instantly I thought “Kick Drum” so I grabbed the Ableton Push controller and banged out the kick drum line which led to the next parts of assessment:

  • Create a range of synthesizer sounds from scratch (FM and Subtractive)
  • MIDI loops/notes quantized correctly
  • Use of MIDI effects customized for the track
  • Customized drum rack
  • Groove Templates
  • Sampler set up with your own sounds
  • Audio stems transformed via warping

I created the first Analog Subtractive synth and came up with a dance stabber sound which shaped the whole track into a Dance track which I have never done before, I made another Analog synth from scratch and put a customized MIDI effect on it being a delay which I tweaked to get exactly what I wanted.

Then I decided to have a bit more fun with customizing my drum rack so I found a snare and tweaked that to get the required sound.

In my previous post I blogged about Delerium and mentioned my love for female vocals which guided me to start adding some effects to the vocal to make it sound a little bigger, during this process I found another part of the vocal which sounded cool so I added and tweaked that with the same method of warping and pitching up.

Next came the bass line, when ever I play bass lines they end up sounding like they have a heavy reggae influence so it ended up sounding deep, I tweaked the instrument patch from Ableton and then added and tweaked various effect patches on the bass.

Then came the Operator used for creating an FM synth from scratch which I used sparingly, I then dropped in Sampler and loaded it with three percussion sounds that I recorded in prior class work at SAE for my sample library, I used my wooden whistle, my triangle and guiro which were all tweaked and adjusted also mapped in the zone view, I ended up having two percussion sounds trigger together and also in reverse (listen out for that!!)

By this stage I was jamming out hard so I added the hi-hats which were also tweaked too, then I decided to get smart and dropped in another Sampler loaded it with the guitar stem and did some Granular synth magic!! BONUS!!

I had all the parts down quite quickly which I played ALL on the Push controller so I decided to leave it at that for a day or two.

When I came back to it I loaded up my two customized effects racks I created at SAE and did a rough mix. I had a listen made some adjustments and this track is what I ended up with.

The influences in it are strong as I think I combined things that I like as well as trying something I have never done.

This was awesome fun and it is something I enjoying doing every single day, the challenge to step out of my comfort zones in my preferred genres was a great experience too.