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do it like a boss!!
Do it like a Boss!!

Manu Digital.

Had to write my blog on this brother right here!!! Manu Digital has completely revived a very important part of Reggae history being what’s referred to as Digital Reggae which some say started from a Riddim (rhythm) called the Sleng Teng Riddim (late 1984) which was originally made in collaboration by Wayne Smith (R.I.P) and the great reggae producer boss King Jammy with arrangement help from Noel Davy, the Riddim was made on Noel Davy’s Casio MT-40 keyboard. Jamaican riddims nearly always get a name which is then voiced by many different artists. So for example Sleng Teng riddim has maybe well over 1000+ artists to voice on it.

Here is a link to some 300+ artists on that riddim,

Digital Reggae really kicked of in the 80’s, drum machines & electronic drums & more electronic keyboards started to pop up in studios in Jamaica. Sly Dunbar really cracked the whip on the Simmons electronic drum kit, Roots Radics band combined electronic drums with an acoustic kit and eventually electronic kits started to be used live on stage. Digital Reggae is really responsible for the sub-genres of Reggae called Ragga, Bashment & Dancehall (although Dancehall is actually the name given to venues where these particular styles are being played and LOUD on custom sound systems which are named like Killamanjaro, Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, King Addies, usually featuring certain artists that were dedicated to a specific sound)

Manu Digital has remade some big famous riddims by various reggae producers such as John John, King Jammy, Steely & Clevie, Gussie P. Some of the big riddims he has remade include Peani Peani riddim, Punany riddim, Rumors riddim, Duck riddim.

Manu Digital actually uses the same gear that the original riddims were made on, for example: Casio MT-40 keyboard, Oberheim DX drum machine, Yamaha DX100 keyboard, Yamaha CS100 keyboard. On top of that Manu has had the pleasure of recording some of the biggest artists involved in the era of digital reggae from the 80’s like: Lieutenant Stitchie, General Levy, Papa Michigan, Carl Meeks, Joseph Cotton, King Kong.

Recently Manu has taken a trip to Jamaica and fulfilled a massive goal by visiting the man King Jammy himself, by the looks and sounds of things Manu has also collaborated with some more Reggae legends both old & new.

Here is a link to the smash hit riddim called Rumours, Manu Digital remake,

 and here is a link to the original riddim by Gussie P featuring Gregory Isaacs (R.I.P) song called Rumours.


Manu Digital & the Oberheim DX drum machine!!!
Manu Digital & the Oberheim DX drum machine!!!
Manu Digital and the Casio MT-40!!!
Manu Digital and the Casio MT-40!!!


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