Blogger #5 Culture, Videos & Restrictions

Real Music
Real Music

Coming through the ranks of Reggae & Hip-Hop music since the 80’s (and listening to everything prior) was a truly enjoyable time, especially while playing an instrument, Roots reggae was just that and Hip-Hop was Breakdancing, Scratching, Rhyming & Art. Both cultures were shining bright!!

Real Hip-Hop
Real Hip-Hop

Today Hip-Hop seems as if it has no restrictions, Saturday mornings music videos are full with plastic women pretty much naked, no faces just backsides going up & down, Young rappers with scrap metal in their teeth and around their neck, rented cars, plastic guns, fake money & pants around the ankles showing skid marked jocks.. see Trinidad James & co….

Question: Who allows this garbage??

Maybe all the toxic food that has flooded the market is REALLY dumbing peoples brains down.. I don’t know… Or maybe its just the overloaded bass heavy frequencies that are making people vibrate through their backsides rather than raising their vibrations UP!!

Even dancehall music in the 80’s stayed true with Rasta culture heavily involved, don’t get me wrong it still does but at the same time some dancehall artists have just lowered their standards past the bottom of the barrel, see Walk Like a Dog by Radijah or Dung Inna Yu Throat by Gage (which I will definitely NOT post here).

I know its hard for kids and 18 to 30 year old kids to stop and think “maybe we shouldn’t be doing this for the whole world to see” or acknowledge that what they are doing is just sick and twisted.

Hip-Hop started using some really dark symbols and imagery very demon like but disguised to the dumb mass who think its cool, then there are those people who lack knowledge and culture and interaction with elders or tribal people and have no clue that everything we do contributes to our very existence, they are so quick to say “nah its just fun”. The truth is good & evil have always existed and your forever being watched, I am not talking by the government (although they love to). see Terminator 5 hahaha!!! I will let you figure it out, Hint: Remember to look UP!

Thanks to a few dancehall artists that have pledged an allegiance to err…. a demon or devil type being some children are being corrupted and losing sight of reality. see the guy who thought Alkaline’s fake tattooed eyeballs were real so he went and got it done nearly losing his sight.

Goat head soup
Goat head soup

Recycling means…. something that was made can be used again while trash should be taken to the bin!!

We live in a time where music and video go together but why have we let it run wild with NO RESTRICTIONS???


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