Blog Action #4 Social Media

Blog Action #4.

Social Media & Your Career

The top 3 current objectives selected at the moment would be:

  1. To establish and build the organization,
  2. To network with others in the same creative industry,
  3. To generate a good flow of followers to any of the social media sites created.

There is a massive range of different social media sites to help boost artists in the music industry, some of the ones many underground/unheard artists choose to start up with are:






Facebook Page


When an artist has a complete package like an E.P, a few singles, professional photo shoot and maybe a video or two they can kick off their campaign even bigger and start to use next level social media sites like:





This can also lead to pushing your music to any of the many music sharing social media sites too, many opportunities can come out of having at least one or two of your songs as a free download and having them posted to streaming sites and pushed to internet radio sites. The internet and social media has made for a very great tool of self promotion but with this comes a needed skill, BIZNESS!!. One would definetly have to know how to conduct themselves in a very professional business manner. YES that means correct gramma, correct spelling and NO internet slang or acronym slang!! Professional emails are great especially with a logo letterhead and footer with your business contact details. But by all means stay true and keep it REAL. A healthy balance between business status updates and general fun updates are always good to keep people keen.

Never sell yourself short!! One favour is enough. Money Talks!!
Never sell yourself short!!
One favour is enough.
Money Talks!!

Branding is very important too, the use of the same image/logo on ALL your sites helps your identity stick out or at least try to stand out in the mass.

Connect with others on social media, it does not have to be everyone in the same field, share other peoples idea’s, creations, art, music and pictures or blogs. It takes a couple of seconds to hit a share button and this can be set up to share on ALL your social platforms.

Some of the things we have looked at to help promote and generate a following on social media are,

  • Reaching out to up and coming artists/musicians.
  • Bars, clubs and venues.
  • Communities and groups that we have an interest in.
  • Music contacts.
  • Record shops.
  • Audio retailers

reverbn scloud tweet itunes

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