Blog #3 Audio Interview

Something different this time..

Slightly off topic, maybe on topic, but always on point!!

The combination of tasks from two classes are really helping to guide me and get me focused on building a fully functional record label.

Going through the test of an interview process with a heavy Audio influenced theme I have realised how far my resume would go back and how many jobs would be listed.. whoa.. “talk about time travel!!!” but it is great because now I can take time to build back a resume with Audio in mind and also use the new skills I have gained from Overview of Industry and Production 1 (Audio Production) combined to strengthen up a professional Audio resume.

A High Performance Teams Skills Test came up Chairman “Hahaha, Me?, Oh okay” the reason I say that is because a goal of mine would be to record as an artist on a label releasing quality music in my genres but unfortunately it AINT happening in Australia, over time I have witnessed a clamp down on urban (hip-hop, rnb, reggae & dancehall) talent that is of high international quality and I am talking Multicultural and indigenous artists also artists from abroad that live here . So while doing the course I have inspired the troops to step up and form a core with myself included for a fully functional record label with an in-house production team and artist development and management team.

Tha Interview!!!

The times when I was growing up and going for interviews was a nightmare…

All I cared about was playing reggae music in my band so any jobs as a teen upwards was pure fluke but it is safe to say I have worked ever since the last year of school and done many jobs to aquire a good working resume which, as I mentioned above, does not have Audio listed because I have always thought “Aint no employer wanna read my long-ass list of music stuff”.

Finally I can reverse the role and become an Employer and use the skills to conduct a professional interview on someone who has applied for a job within my company. Do you have any idea how many secret question techniques I would drop in..haha *jokes*

Seriously, it is essential for both an interviewer and interviewee to have a good knowledge in what to ask and reply in both cases. A good interviewer will want to also find out your traits without the interviewee actually realising and this can be achieved by asking certain questions that may or may not be related to the job.

Honesty will go along way, there is always opportunity to gain extra training or update any skills if you make it known to an employer, thats all part of the job, showing that you want to refresh or further any skills is a great sign that you can progress within a company becoming an asset to the business.

Always remember, No weakness!!


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