Blog #1. Income and Real Deal Records in the making…

Get that Money
Get that Money

Pic courtesy of (, 2015)

Following up on today’s lecture I am presented with an important question about INCOME and ways to generate it to make the business function.

Previously over the weekend I came up with a brilliant plan of generating some income for the business which involves some already established contacts in the music industry up in the red desert being the Northern Territory. The goal is to gather up some of the best indigenous musicians (heavily reggae or hip hop orientated) and do quality recordings for them. I will also incorporate artist guidance/mentorship in the process.

A friend of the family has been travelling the indigenous community’s doing paid work teaching in the music programs, while doing this he has built contacts with studios, radio stations, festival organisers and various musicians and bands. Some of the works we have reviewed are played well and the band/s sound like they have the same goal (to make their music sound great!). From the huge experience and knowledge I have in reggae music I feel I could help these particular bands fine tune their skills in being a traditional indigenous roots reggae band. On top of my professional music knowledge I would use my new audio engineering skills to do high quality traditional reggae engineered and mixed recordings of these bands. The links/contacts for paid work to do this have been established so I am in a position where all I need to do is make an arrangement to fly out to Alice Springs (first thing is to finish my Bachelor in Audio).

This is one way I have been presented with an opportunity to generate income especially to help establish the business my colleagues and I are working on. Some of the options we could do as a collective have not been discussed yet but I know once we get our logo done we have chance to kick off the whole promotions/merchandising thing. T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Beanies, Stickers etc.. The production team for the label also will have the opportunity to set-up our Real Deal Beats Online Store consisting of custom designed Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall style beats available for one time purchase or leasing catering for all categories i.e. exclusive/non-exclusive licensing.,. (2015). Retrieved 29 September 2015, from


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